Isaiah and Susan Golden – 1900 US Federal Census

In 1900, Isaiah and Susan were living on their own.  Isaiah was 76 years old, with his birthdate listed as March 1824.  Susan was 52 years old, with a birthdate of October 1848. They have been married for 27 years, which means they were married in 1873, meaning Mary died within less than three years of the 1870 census in which she last appeared.  The 1900 census confirms that Susan had no children of her own.  Their residence was at 105 Conselysea, in Brooklyn’s 15th Ward.  Isaiah was still working as a Cooper, though the full occupation entry on the census is partially illegible due to overwriting by the census administrator.[1]

Isaiah Golden - 1900 Federal Census


1900 US Federal Census: New York, Kings, Brooklyn, Ward 15, 7 June 1900, Sheet 13, ED No. 215, 105 Conselysea, Dwelling No. 100, Family No. 279:

GOLDEN, ISAIAH, Head, White, Male, Born March 1824, Age 76, Married 27 years, Born New York, Father born New York, Mother born New York, Occupation: Cooper [illegible], Can read, Can write, Can speak English, Owns home;

GOLDEN, SUSAN, Wife, White, Female, Born October 1848, Age 52, Married 27 years, No Children born, No Children living, Born Pennsylvania, Father born Pennsylvania, Mother born Pennsylvania, Can read, Can write, Can speak English.

[1] 1900 US Federal Census: New York, Kings, Brooklyn, Ward 15, Roll 1052, Page 13A, ED 215, Operations Inc., 2004.


1850 US Federal Census: Isaac Golden – Is this Isaiah?

In the 1850 US Federal Census, Isaiah Golden is not listed in the New York area. However, an Isaac Golden is listed in Ohio.  In other census records, Isaiah had been erroneously noted or transcribed as Issac.  The age is correct to match the Isaiah Golden from New York, and the occupation was as a Cooper.  It is also noted that his birthplace was New York.  Living in close proximity (next residence) was a John Golden, age 31, appropriately aged to be a brother or cousin.  He worked as a farmer, and was also noted as having been born in New York.  I currently have not other record of a brother named John, and I don’t have any details about the children of his uncle, Ephraham Golden.

According to the census, Issac [Isaiah] Golden was living in the home of John and Catherine Haylan in Green Township, Hamilton County, Ohio.  John was also a Cooper, age 21, and had been born in Ohio.  Catherine was age 22 and had been born in Ohio.  They had been married within the year, and had an infant daughter, named Sarah.


1850 US Federal Census: Ohio, Hamilton, Green Township, 7 August 1850, Dwelling No. 375, Family No. 377,
HAYLAN, JOHN, Age 21, Male, Occupation: Cooper, Born Ohio, Married in the Year;
HAYLAN, CATHERINE, Age 22, Female, Born Ohio, Married in the Year;
HAYLAN, SARAH, Age 1, Female, Born Ohio;
GOLDEN, ISAAC, Age 26, Male, Occupation: Cooper, Born New York.

Isaiah Golden – 1860 US Federal Census, Non-Population Schedules – Industry

1860 US Federal Census, Non-Population Schedules: New York, Westchester, Morrisania, 1 June 1860

Name, Business/Product/Capital Invested/Raw Materials Used: Quantities-Kinds-Value/Kind of Motive Power/Average Number of Hands Employed: Male-Female/Wages: Average monthly cost of male labor-Average monthly cost of female labor/Annual Product: Quantities-Kinds-Values

GOLDEN, ISAIAH, Cooper, $300 Invested[1], Hoops, $500 Value[2], 2 Male Laborers, $40[3] Cost of Labor, 4000 [illegible] Kegs, $1400[4] Value.[5]

Isaiah Golden - 1860 Federal Census-Non-Population

[1] $300 in 1860 is the equivalent of $124,000 in 2016 in Income Value.

[2] $500 in 1860 is the equivalent of $207,000 in 2016 in Income Value.

[3] $40 in labor cost in 1860 is the equivalent of $16,600 in 2016 in labor value for skilled labor.

[4] $1400 in 1860 is the equivalent of $579,000 in 2016 in Income Value.

[5] 1860 US Census, Non-Population Schedule: New York, Westchester, Morrisania , Archive Collection Number: I5; Roll: 80; Page: 12; Line: 19; Schedule Type: Industry, Image 448, (Ancestry Operations, Inc., 2010)

Isaiah James Golden – Obituary

Isaiah James Golden - Obituary

Transcript from Isaiah James Golden’s Obituary

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY, 24 July 1911, Page 3 (Retrieved via on 3 November 2017)


Isaiah Golden

Isaiah Golden, a retired cooper, for many years in business on old Ewen street, and a resident of the Eastern District for sixty years, died on Friday at his residence, 79 Somers street, of a complication of diseases.  He was born at West Farms, Westchester County, N.Y., March 4, 1824, and was one of the oldest members of the Old Bushwick Dutch Reformed Church on Humboldt street.  He is survived by a widow, Susanna Grow; three daughters, Mrs. George Alden, Mrs. Cornelius Travis, and Mrs. Peter l. Dunn; three sons, Eugene, Alfred and Edward; fifteen grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.

52 ANCESTORS – #10: Annie

Annie was born in New York in approximately 1749.[1]  Her maiden name and information about her family are unknown.


Draught of New York

Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, The New York Public Library. “A draught of New York and Perthamboy Harbour.” New York Public Library Digital Collections.

In the 1810 US Census, her husband William Golden is listed in Westchester, Westchester County, New York, and presumably, she is the female over the age of 45 noted on the census as well.  There is one boy between the age of 10 and 15; three girls under the age of 10; one girl between the age of 10 and 15; one girl between the age of 16 and 25.  Also listed within a few entries of William Golden are other Golden families (presumably sons): Isiah Golden, notated as 26-45 years old and Simmonds Golden, notated as 16-26 years old.[2]

In the 1820 US Census for Westchester, a “Mrs. Golden” is listed, and in addition to herself, a male over the age of 45 years is marked as living in the household.  This is probably son living in the home with her, as if it was her husband, the household would have been enumerated under his name.  Some of the same neighbors as in the 1810 Census are enumerated on the same page as her, including the Bathgate, Hunt and Leggett.  In addition, the several Ward households are also enumerated nearby, which is the family her grandson Isaiah married into in 1809.[3]

Annie died in September 1850 in West Farms, New York at the age of 101.  Her cause of death was listed as “Old Age”.[4]

1850 US Census Mortality Schedule, Annie Golden,

1850 US Census Mortality Schedule, Annie Golden,

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