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Isaiah Golden – Death Index and Obituary

Isaiah Golden - ObituaryIsaiah Golden died on July 21, 1911 at his home at 79 Somers Street in Brooklyn, at the age of 87.  In his obituary, his cause of death was noted as “complication of diseases”.  At the time of his death, he was retired, and had been a resident of the Eastern District of Brooklyn for 60 years.  His obituary confirmed his birth in West Farms, Westchester County, on March 4, 1824.  It details his long-time membership in the Old Bushwick Dutch Reformed Church on Humboldt Street in Brooklyn. At the time of his death, his wife Susanna, three daughters and three sons were still living (Harriet “Hattie” Travis, Emma Alden, Mary Dunn, Eugene, Alfred and Edward).  In addition to his wife and children, he was survived by fifteen grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.[1]


New York, New York, Death Index

Isaiah Golden

Age: 87

Birth Year: about 1824

Death Date: 21 July 1911

Death Place: Kings, New York

Certificate Number: 14473

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, New York, 24 July 1911, Page 3, “Obituary”

Isaiah Golden

Isaiah Golden, a retired cooper, for many years in business on old Ewen street, and a resident of the Eastern District for sixty years, died on Friday at his residence, 79 Somers street, of a complication of diseases.  He was born at West Farms, Westchester County, N.Y., March 4, 1824, and was one of the oldest members of the Old Bushwick Dutch Reformed Church on Humboldt street.  He is survived by a widow, Susanna Grow; three daughters, Mrs. George Alden, Mrs. Cornelius Travis, and Mrs. Peter l. Dunn; three sons, Eugene, Alfred and Edward; fifteen grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.

[1] “Isaiah Golden,” Index to New York City Deaths 1862-1948, New York: New York City Department of Records/Municipal Archives, New York, New York, Death Index, 1862-1948 [database online], Operations, Inc., 2014.

“Obituary: Isaiah Golden,” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY, Page 3, July 24, 1911,, 2017.

Hederina Harms de Weerdt Death Certificate

Hederina Harms de Weerdt is my 4th great-grandmother, the wife of Wolter Noteboom, and the mother of Walter Noteboom.  She died on 28 November 1884 in Winschoten, Groningen, Netherlands.

Hederina Harms de Weert - Death Certificate

Hederina Harms de Weert – Death Certificate, Groninger Archieven


In the year one thousand eight hundred eighty-four, the twenty-eighth day of the month of November, before our Chief of the civil registration of the municipality of Winschoten, Groningen province, appeared Hendrik Kornelis Wildeman, aged forty-two years a professional bargemaster, residing in Winschoten, no blood or marriage of the deceased, and Genk Heikens, aged thirty years a professional carpenter residing in Winschoten, no blood or marriage of the deceased, who have declared, that on the twenty-eighth day of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty four, between noon and five o’clock, within this municipality is deceased Henderina Harms de Weerdt, seventy-seven years of no occupation, born in Emden, Germany, having recently lived in Winschoten, widow of Wolter Noteboom.



Death Certificates for Walter and Christiane Noteboom

I got two death certificates in the mail yesterday – one for Walter Noteboom and one for Christiane Noteboom.

Walter Noteboom Death Certification, NYC Municipal Archives Image ©Larisa Thomas, Roots of Kinship

Walter Noteboom Death Certification, NYC Municipal Archives
Image ©Larisa Thomas, Roots of Kinship

Transcript of Walter’s Death Certificate:

Date: 14 Dec 1913
Surname: Noteboom Given Name: Walter Sex: M
Street: Schenck Avenue Street #: 247 City: Brooklyn County: Kings
State/Province: New York Country: United States
Place of Death: Lutheran Hospital
Marital Status: Married Color/Race: White Age: 70 Occupation: Retired
Birth Place: Netherlands Birth Date: 12 November 1844 Spouse: K. Noteboom
Father: Wolter Noteboom Birth Place: Netherlands
Mother: Henderina de Wirdt Birth Place: Netherlands
Informant: not listed
Cause(s) of Death: Exhaustion following operation for removal of prostate gland
Contributary Cause(s): Chronic hypertrophic prostatitis , chronic cystitis
Duration of Illness: 3 ds.
Physician: W. Haybolt Address: 114 Pennsylvania Avenue
Burial Date: 17 December 1913 Burial Place: Evergreens Cemetery
Undertaker: [illegible] Moore Address: 64 [illegible] Ave
Remarks: I hereby certify that this foregoing particulars (Nos. 1 to 14 inclusive) are correct as near as the same can be ascertained, and I further certify that I attended the deceased from Jan 1 1912 to Dec 14, 1913, that I last saw him alive on the 13 day of Dec 1913, that death occurred on that date stated above at 9am, and that the cause of death was as follows:
[see cause of death]
duration 0 yrs. 0 mos. 3 ds.
duration of contributory cause of death 15 yrs. 0 mos. 0 ds.


Comments on Walter’s Death Certificate

  1. Walter died at Lutheran Hospital following prostate surgery, for a condition he suffered from for 15 years, according to the Doctor’s certification.  Lutheran Hospital is now Lutheran Medical Center and is still a fully functional teaching hospital.
  2. I wonder if his dying at Lutheran Hospital is a possible indicator of his faith, or if that is just coincidence.
  3. His mother’s maiden name is spelled differently than in other records I have for her, but that may be an error of the unknown informant.
  4. I have another address for him that I didn’t previously have – 247 Schenck Avenue.  It’s still located in the general vicinity of his other properties in East New York.
  5. He is buried at Evergreens Cemetery. and BillionGraves both had no record of his burial.  I created a memorial for him on


Christiane Noteboom Death Certification, NYC Municipal Archives Image ©Larisa Thomas, Roots of Kinship

Christiane Noteboom Death Certification, NYC Municipal Archives
Image ©Larisa Thomas, Roots of Kinship

Transcript of Christiane’s Death Certificate:

Date: 9 Oct 1900
Surname: Noteboom  Given Name: Christiane  Sex: F
Street: Van Siclen Avenue Street#: 64  City: Brooklyn  County: Kings 
State/Province: New York  Country: United States
Place of Death: 64 Van Siclen Avenue
Marital Status: Married  Color/Race: White  Age: 48 years, 3 months, 12 days  Occupation:  Housewife
Birth Place: Germany  Years in the U.S.: 25 years  Years in City of New York: 21 years
Father: August Nullmeyer Birth Place: Germany
Mother: Dora Nullmeyer Birth Place: Germany 
Informant: not listed
Cause(s) of Death: Cerebral Apoplexy
Physician: W.P. Hickok Address: 114 Pennsylvania Avenue
Burial Date: 10 October 1900  Burial Place: Evergreen
Undertaker: Louis Bacler  Address: 477 Liberty Avenue
Remarks: I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Oct. 7, 1900 to Oct. 9, 1900 that I last saw her alive on the 9th day of Oct. 1900, that she died on the 9th day of Oct. 1900, about 4:15 o’clock P.M., and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the cause of her death was as hereunder written. [see cause of death]


Comments on Christiane’s Death Certificate

  1. Details of her age match other records I have that list her date of birth as 27 June 1852.
  2. The birth index I found lists her father as Albert Nullmeyer, while this record names him August Nullmeyer.  Given the time and distance, and without knowing who the informant on the death certificate is, I would argue that Albert is probably the correct given name for her father.  But this is an area I will have to research further.
  3. I had thought she might have died in childbirth, but this clearly is a stroke.  That means, it is probably his first wife, Beta, who died in childbirth.  I have found little to no records of Beta’s actual existence, so this will be another area of research.
  4. She is buried in Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn. and BillionGraves both had no record of her burial.  I created a memorial for her on and linked it to Walter’s memorial.  I would like to get a photo of both of their gravesites.
  5. The number of years she’s was in the United States differs from the number of years that she was in New York City.  This means that she likely entered the United States either through Canada or in a different port of entry, such as Baltimore or Philadelphia.  This gives me another clue for finding her immigration records, as I had previously been unable to find her on New York Passenger Lists.

The Mystery of the Mothers Continues…

Mary Katherine Schillinger Death Certificate

Mary Katherine Schillinger Death Certificate


I received Mary Katherine Schillinger’s death certificate from the New York Municipal Archives this past week, and it has provided more information that may help clarify the Mystery of the Mothers that I posted before.

First, I want to confirm that this is the same person I have as Katarina/Catherine/Katherine Schillinger.  Now, as a German immigrant, it is quite likely that she anglicized her name, and that Katherine is a reasonable match to Catarina.  So the difference in the middle names is not surprising or even that unusual. It is also not unusual with a common first name such as Mary in a Catholic family to use the middle name as the commonly used name during her life.  In large Catholic families, several daughters might have the first name Mary, with their middle name serving as their commonly used name.  [The various spellings can probably be explained by census enumerators spelling it they way they wanted to spell it instead of the way she actually spelled it.]

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that this certificate records information about the decedent‘s spouse, other than notating that she was in fact married, so this doesn’t help me confirm that she is the Catherine Schillinger that I know to be the wife of Xaver.

The next thing I note is the date of death, which the certificate has recorded as 10 August 1907.  I previously have known her death to have occurred on 9 August 1907, so the death dates are within a day of each other.

The most telling piece of information is the place of death, which is recorded as 234 Jerome Street.  As of the 1900 Federal Census, my 3rd great grandmother Catherine Schillinger was living at 234 Jerome Street.  Bingo!  She apparently died at home seven years later.

The death certificate is a match!  Now I want to compare it to Louis F. Schillinger’s death certificate a few decades later, when his mother is listed as Mary Boch.  I want to see if I can find any more information that will confirm Catherine Schillinger (née Autretter) is the same woman as Mary Boch. The fact that the death certificate lists her actual first name as Mary and her middle name as Katherine, I think we can draw a preliminary conclusion that the Mary Boch and Catherine Schillinger may be the same woman.

However, we want to see if we can explain the Boch surname listed on the son’s death certificate, since we know her maiden name to be Autretter.  In looking more closely at Mary Katherine Schillinger’s death certificate, we can look at the information recorded about her parents to see if Boch makes sense.

Her father is listed as Xavier Auteritter (which is a close enough spelling variant of our known surname Autretter).  Her mother is Magdelina Kaiser (which is a completely new name to me!).  There’s no indication that Boch is a surname associated with our Katherine Schillinger.

So why would her name be listed as Mary Boch on her son Louis’s death certificate?  Her grandson, who was the informant on her son’s death, could have mis-recollected her maiden name.  He would have only been nine years old when she passed away in 1907.  She was known to be married before marrying Xaver Schillinger, to a man name John Moelig, who was the father of her first child Amelia.  John died during the Civil War, and she married Xaver a short time later.  Boch is not likely to be explained by a previous marriage.

The most likely explanation, therefore, is that by the time of her son’s death in 1943, her grandson mistakenly listed her surname as Boch.


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Louis F. Schillinger Death Certificate – A New Family Mystery

I got Louis F. Schillinger’s death certificate today from the NYC Municipal Archives, and now I have a bit of a mystery on my hands.


Louis F. Schillinger Death Certificate

The problem arises when I examine the section about the deceased’s parents. It says:

Name of Father of Decedent: Francis X.
Birthplace of Father: Germany
Name of Mother of Decedent: Mary Boch
Birthplace of Mother: Germany


Louis F. Schillinger Death Certificate - Detail

What??? His mother is listed as Mary Boch? I don’t know who Mary Boch is. My records all show his mother as Catherine Autretter. In census records, the mother in the household was always listed as Catherine. I’ve never seen anything where is mother is listed as a Mary Boch. (On the plus side, I finally have a document that lists his father’s first name as Francis. Everywhere else, his father went by his middle name Xaver.)

Who is Mary Boch? That is a really good question. The first thing I want to do is verify other information on the certificate to confirm that I have the correct Louis F. Schillinger.

  • Occupation: listed as retired architect. That’s a match.
  • Address: listed as 169 Van Siclen Avenue, Brooklyn. That is also a match to his last known address.
  • Wife: Louise. Match.
  • Birthdate: 29 November 1863, Highland Falls, NY. Match.
  • Death date: 3 November 1943. Match.

Five other facts match facts I know about my Louis F. Schillinger. I’m confident this is the right person. Back to the mysterious Mary Boch.

The next thing I want to look at is who the informant was on the death certificate. In this case, it is Louis Schillinger, his son. The son was born in 1896, nine years before the death of Catherine Autretter, so as he would have known his grandmother early in his life. The family all lived within blocks of each other while he was growing up, so he likely saw his grandparents on a regular basis. It’s reasonable to assume that he would have reliable knowledge about his grandparents’ identities.

This leaves me with a bit of a conundrum – who is Mary Boch and why is she listed as the mother on Louis F. Schillinger’s death certificate? Now I have a new family mystery to solve.