Louis F. Schillinger Death Certificate – A New Family Mystery

I got Louis F. Schillinger’s death certificate today from the NYC Municipal Archives, and now I have a bit of a mystery on my hands.


Louis F. Schillinger Death Certificate

The problem arises when I examine the section about the deceased’s parents. It says:

Name of Father of Decedent: Francis X.
Birthplace of Father: Germany
Name of Mother of Decedent: Mary Boch
Birthplace of Mother: Germany


Louis F. Schillinger Death Certificate - Detail

What??? His mother is listed as Mary Boch? I don’t know who Mary Boch is. My records all show his mother as Catherine Autretter. In census records, the mother in the household was always listed as Catherine. I’ve never seen anything where is mother is listed as a Mary Boch. (On the plus side, I finally have a document that lists his father’s first name as Francis. Everywhere else, his father went by his middle name Xaver.)

Who is Mary Boch? That is a really good question. The first thing I want to do is verify other information on the certificate to confirm that I have the correct Louis F. Schillinger.

  • Occupation: listed as retired architect. That’s a match.
  • Address: listed as 169 Van Siclen Avenue, Brooklyn. That is also a match to his last known address.
  • Wife: Louise. Match.
  • Birthdate: 29 November 1863, Highland Falls, NY. Match.
  • Death date: 3 November 1943. Match.

Five other facts match facts I know about my Louis F. Schillinger. I’m confident this is the right person. Back to the mysterious Mary Boch.

The next thing I want to look at is who the informant was on the death certificate. In this case, it is Louis Schillinger, his son. The son was born in 1896, nine years before the death of Catherine Autretter, so as he would have known his grandmother early in his life. The family all lived within blocks of each other while he was growing up, so he likely saw his grandparents on a regular basis. It’s reasonable to assume that he would have reliable knowledge about his grandparents’ identities.

This leaves me with a bit of a conundrum – who is Mary Boch and why is she listed as the mother on Louis F. Schillinger’s death certificate? Now I have a new family mystery to solve.


  1. I’m still trying to figure it all out myself but hers what I know

    My grandfather Joseph Boch who lived and died in montreal came from cape breton

    His father Louis Boch(June 12 1911-Dec21 1975) grew up in Nova Scotia bridgeport. Louis Boch was married to Margaret Boch died may 18 1967. There children were Annie May, Joseph, Lila, Lois, Margie, Wayne and Tomas

    Louis Boch’s father Joseph Boch(1871-1951) came from Belgium with his dad. He came over as a child and grew up in Nova Scotia and married Chistena Mcisaac(1875-1930). Louis Boch’s siblings are Annie May(1898-1901), John Alexander (1900-1901), Annie May(1901-1930), Josephine(1905-?), John Alexander(1907-??), Florence(1908-??), Louis(1911-1975),James(1913-1933), Eva(1914-??). Albert(1916-??), Gordon(1917-??), Christina(1920-??), Jean or Jane its unsure(1920-1920)(twin to Christina)

    Joseph Boch father is John B (im assuming B stands for Boch) and his mother was Anne foulon
    they were married feb 17 1898

    This is all the info I have, my family did not talk about there past and this is what I could decipher from the family bible where poor records were kept. I don’t know if this will help or be completely irrelevant to your research.

    1. Holy Crap… I Hope U Get This Vanessa I know 3 years have past sence u posted this But I Just came across it.. Your Grandfathers Sister Margaret Is My Grandmother Im Her grandson Joey
      Ill Leave my email incase you would like to talk more about this if you fined it..

  2. I have been trying to find stuff about my family Boch and Im wondering maybe Mary boch is someone because mary fits with the other generation of names in the Boch family.

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