Vital Records

Death Certificate – Ethel Loretta Reilly

Ethel Loretta Reilly (nee Powers) was my dad’s paternal grandmother. I received her death certificate in the mail today.

Born on 27 January 1903, she died on 26 September 1955 at 1:50pm. She was only 52 years old at the time. She passed away at Queens General Hospital in Queens, New York, and following her death, an autopsy was performed.

Accordng to the death certificate, she died as a result of cardiac failure, due to rheumatic heart disease.1 Her health was complicated by the fact that just two and a half months before her death, she suffered a fall in her home resulting in a fracture to her right femur. 2 Since femur fractures are quite traumatic and take months to heal, I would assume that she was in the hospital from the time of her fall until her death, but the death certificate doesn’t confirm this.

Here burial was attended to by Queensboro Mortuary and she was buried on 30 September 1955 at St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale, New York.

The death certificate also features the following information about Ethel:

  1. She was living at 107-25 Liberty Avenue in Ozone Park, Queens at the time of her death.
  2. She was married to Lawrence Reilly.
  3. Her occupation was that of a housewife.
  4. She was born in New York
  5. Her father was named John Powers, and her mother was named Mary (with no maiden name noted).

Isaiah Golden – Death Index and Obituary

Isaiah Golden - ObituaryIsaiah Golden died on July 21, 1911 at his home at 79 Somers Street in Brooklyn, at the age of 87.  In his obituary, his cause of death was noted as “complication of diseases”.  At the time of his death, he was retired, and had been a resident of the Eastern District of Brooklyn for 60 years.  His obituary confirmed his birth in West Farms, Westchester County, on March 4, 1824.  It details his long-time membership in the Old Bushwick Dutch Reformed Church on Humboldt Street in Brooklyn. At the time of his death, his wife Susanna, three daughters and three sons were still living (Harriet “Hattie” Travis, Emma Alden, Mary Dunn, Eugene, Alfred and Edward).  In addition to his wife and children, he was survived by fifteen grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.[1]


New York, New York, Death Index

Isaiah Golden

Age: 87

Birth Year: about 1824

Death Date: 21 July 1911

Death Place: Kings, New York

Certificate Number: 14473

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, New York, 24 July 1911, Page 3, “Obituary”

Isaiah Golden

Isaiah Golden, a retired cooper, for many years in business on old Ewen street, and a resident of the Eastern District for sixty years, died on Friday at his residence, 79 Somers street, of a complication of diseases.  He was born at West Farms, Westchester County, N.Y., March 4, 1824, and was one of the oldest members of the Old Bushwick Dutch Reformed Church on Humboldt street.  He is survived by a widow, Susanna Grow; three daughters, Mrs. George Alden, Mrs. Cornelius Travis, and Mrs. Peter l. Dunn; three sons, Eugene, Alfred and Edward; fifteen grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.

[1] “Isaiah Golden,” Index to New York City Deaths 1862-1948, New York: New York City Department of Records/Municipal Archives, New York, New York, Death Index, 1862-1948 [database online], Operations, Inc., 2014.

“Obituary: Isaiah Golden,” The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY, Page 3, July 24, 1911,, 2017.

Xaver Schillinger’s German Birth Record

I was Google searching the other night for information about the hometown of my 3rd Great-Grandfather Franz Xaver Schillinger.  I had a notation that he was born in Urloffen, Germany, a small village in the Grand Duchy of Baden, near the French border.  There is not much on the internet about the village of Urloffen.  It’s a small village with only about 4500 people who live there today, and since 1975 has been incorporated as part of a larger town of Appenweier.

While hunting for information about Urloffen, I came across a family history website for the Oatney family.  On that website, they have a page with links to German archives for the Baden region, including Landesarchiv.  And while I don’t speak or read a lick of German, I was able to navigate the site, by utilizing the in browser translation option in Chrome.  Once Chrome translated the page elements to English, I located record set L10, Nr. 3728, “Urloffen, Appenweier OG; Catholic Church: births 1827-1847”.

I had information that Xaver was born in August 1836, so I started to browse through the records trying to locate his.  There are 344 document images in the record set.  Since 1836 is approximately halfway through the time period for the records, I jumped to about midway through the image files.  Image 160 turned out to be the index page for the year 1836, and part way down the lists, I found an entry I thought might be for Xaver Schillinger.  Old German script is really hard to read, so I was unsure if it actually said Schillinger, but I was willing to find out!

German Birth Register Index

German Birth Register Index for Xaver Schillinger,

I scrolled back a few images, until I found page 173, and located item 55 on the page.  Based on what little I could see in the image, my hoped increased that I had found the right record.

I had previously joined a group on Facebook called “Genealogy Translations“, but had not used it up to this point.  I decided this record was the perfect choice for my first translation request.  The group is run by two admins: Nick Gombash and Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz, and they offer a free and fabulous service for those of us doing research in the archives of ancestral homelands.  There are a few simple rules for posting in the group, but primarily it’s about asking for help without taking advantage of the kind people who voluntarily translate these documents.  I posted the image with my translation request yesterday at 9:26am.  Within 10 minutes, Johann Kargl had transcribed the image, and based on the German transcription, I was able to confirm that indeed this was the birth record for my 3rd Great-Grandfather Xaver Schillinger.  Johann then translated the record for me!  Here it is:

German Birth Record for Xaver Schillinger, Image 153

German Birth Record for Xaver Schillinger, Image 153

In German, it says:

Im Jahre eintausendachthundert und sechsunddreißig, den zehnten August, Nachmittag um vier Uhr, wurde gebohren, und den eilften August, Nachmittag um ein Uhr getauft: Franz Xaver – des Franz Xaver Schillinger, hiesigen Bürgers und Strumpfstrickermeisters, und der Franziska, geb. Stöckel – ehelicher Sohn. Pathen sind: Franz Joseph Stöckel, hiesigen Bürger und Schustermeister, und Petronilla Schillinger, Ehefrau des Felix Schmid, hiesigen Bürgers und Zimmermeisters. Zeugen sind: der obige Franz Joseph Stöckel, alt 51 Jahre, und Franz Xavers Lenz, hiesiger Bürger und Webermeister, alt 54 Jahre; welche dem Act zugegen waren. Hug? Pfarrer

In English:

In 1836, on 10 August, at 4 pm, was born and baptized on 11 August at 1 pm: Franz Xaver – legitimate son of Franz Xaver Schillinger, citizen and master hosiery knitter from here, and of Franziska, nee Stöckel. Godparents: Franz Joseph Stöckel, citizen and master shoemaker here, and Petronilla Schillinger, wife of Felix Schmid, citizen here and master carpenter. Witnesses: the above mentioned Franz Joseph Stöckel, 51 years old, and Franz Xaver Lenz, citizen and master weaver here, 54 years old, who were present at this act. Hug? Parish Priest

This confirms that Xaver Schillinger was born in Urloffen, and now I know that his birth date was 10 August 1836.  It confirms his mother’s name, and provides the names of witnesses, who were likely close family members and friends.  It also points to a legacy for an occupation in clothing.  Xaver was a tailor as an adult, and it appears he likely learned the trade from his father, who is listed as a hosiery knitter.

Hederina Harms de Weerdt Death Certificate

Hederina Harms de Weerdt is my 4th great-grandmother, the wife of Wolter Noteboom, and the mother of Walter Noteboom.  She died on 28 November 1884 in Winschoten, Groningen, Netherlands.

Hederina Harms de Weert - Death Certificate

Hederina Harms de Weert – Death Certificate, Groninger Archieven


In the year one thousand eight hundred eighty-four, the twenty-eighth day of the month of November, before our Chief of the civil registration of the municipality of Winschoten, Groningen province, appeared Hendrik Kornelis Wildeman, aged forty-two years a professional bargemaster, residing in Winschoten, no blood or marriage of the deceased, and Genk Heikens, aged thirty years a professional carpenter residing in Winschoten, no blood or marriage of the deceased, who have declared, that on the twenty-eighth day of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty four, between noon and five o’clock, within this municipality is deceased Henderina Harms de Weerdt, seventy-seven years of no occupation, born in Emden, Germany, having recently lived in Winschoten, widow of Wolter Noteboom.



Marriage Certificates of Walter Noteboom

I just the received the marriage certificates for Walter Noteboom and his first and third wives.

The Marriage Certificate of Walter Noteboom and Beta Friederike Christiane Nullmeyer

Certificate of Marriage.

State of New York

Certificate 2042

I hereby Certify, that Wolter Noteboom [and] Beta Friederika Christiane Nullmeyer; were joined in Marriage by me, in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York, in the City of [blank] this 11th day of November 1876.

Witnesses to the Marriage,

A. Giese

[illegible] Lermann

Attest Fr. W.T. Steimle

Official Station Pastor of the German Ev. Cath. Zion Church [Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church]

Residence 391 Jay Street

  1. Full Name of Groom, Wolter Noteboom
  2. Place of Residence, New York
  3. Age, 32 years
  4. No
  5. Occupation, Shipping Clerk
  6. Place of Birth, Winschoten, Netherlands
  7. Father’s Name, Wolter Noteboom
  8. Mother’s maiden Name, Hinderina de Weerdt
  9. of Groom’s Marriage, 1
  10. Full Name of Bride, Beta Friedericke Christiane Nullmeyer

Maiden Name, if a Widow, ——–

  1. Place of Residence, Brooklyn
  2. Age, 26
  3. No
  4. Place of Birth, Bremen, Germany
  5. Father’s Name, Albert Nullmeyer
  6. Mother’s Maiden Name, Meta Dorothea Koch
  7. of Bride’s Marriage, 1

N.B. – At Nos. 4 and 13 state if Colored; if other races, specify what.  At Nos. 9 and 17 state whether 1st, 2d, 3d, &c., Marriage of each.

Brooklyn, 11 November 1876

We, the Groom and Bride named in the above Certificate, hereby Certify that the information given is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Wolter Noteboom, Groom

Beta Nullmeyer, Bride

Signed in the presence of A. Giese

And Charles Lermann

Canarsia L T

47 - Walter Noteboom marriage certificate to Beta Nullmeyer - 1

47 – Walter Noteboom marriage certificate to Beta Nullmeyer – 1

47 - Walter Noteboom  marriage certificate to Beta Nullmeyer - 2

47 – Walter Noteboom marriage certificate to Beta Nullmeyer – 2

The Marriage Certificate of Walter Noteboom and Kate Dulk

City of New York

State of New York

Certificate Number 3938

I hereby certify, that, Walter Noteboom and Katie A. Dülk were joined in Marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, in the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York, this 25 day of June 1901.

Witnesses to the Marriage

Michael Dülk

Anna H.E. Noteboom

Signature of the Person performing the Ceremony

F.S. Moore


Date of Marriage June 25th, 1901
Groom’s First Name Wolter Noteboom
Residence 64 Van Siclen Ave.
Age 56
Color White
Single or Widowed Widowed
Birthplace Holland
Father’s Name Wolter Noteboom
Mother’s Maiden Name Henderina De Weerdt
Number of Groom’s Marriage Third
Bride’s Full Name Katie A. Dülk
Residence 168 Schenck Ave.
Age 39
Color White
Single or Widowed Single
Maiden Name if a Widow ———–
Birthplace New York City
Father’s Name Peter Dülk
Mother’s Maiden Name Anna Brill
Number of Bride’s Marriage First
Name of Person performing ceremony F.S. Moore
Official Station Rector [illegible]
Residence 122 [illegible] Ave.


We, the Groom and Bride named in this Certificate, hereby certify, that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Walter Noteboom, Groom

Katie A. Dülk, Bride

Signed in the presence of Michael Dülk

And Anna H.E. Noteboom

47 - Walter Noteboom marriage certificate to Kate Dulk - 1

47 – Walter Noteboom marriage certificate to Kate Dulk – 1

47 - Walter Noteboom marriage certificate to Kate Dulk - 2

47 – Walter Noteboom marriage certificate to Kate Dulk – 2