Isaiah and Susan Golden – 1900 US Federal Census

In 1900, Isaiah and Susan were living on their own.  Isaiah was 76 years old, with his birthdate listed as March 1824.  Susan was 52 years old, with a birthdate of October 1848. They have been married for 27 years, which means they were married in 1873, meaning Mary died within less than three years of the 1870 census in which she last appeared.  The 1900 census confirms that Susan had no children of her own.  Their residence was at 105 Conselysea, in Brooklyn’s 15th Ward.  Isaiah was still working as a Cooper, though the full occupation entry on the census is partially illegible due to overwriting by the census administrator.[1]

Isaiah Golden - 1900 Federal Census


1900 US Federal Census: New York, Kings, Brooklyn, Ward 15, 7 June 1900, Sheet 13, ED No. 215, 105 Conselysea, Dwelling No. 100, Family No. 279:

GOLDEN, ISAIAH, Head, White, Male, Born March 1824, Age 76, Married 27 years, Born New York, Father born New York, Mother born New York, Occupation: Cooper [illegible], Can read, Can write, Can speak English, Owns home;

GOLDEN, SUSAN, Wife, White, Female, Born October 1848, Age 52, Married 27 years, No Children born, No Children living, Born Pennsylvania, Father born Pennsylvania, Mother born Pennsylvania, Can read, Can write, Can speak English.

[1] 1900 US Federal Census: New York, Kings, Brooklyn, Ward 15, Roll 1052, Page 13A, ED 215, Operations Inc., 2004.

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