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Birthplace Pedigree Chart

I saw several of these charts posted on blogs and Facebook, which come from an original post by J. Paul Hawthorne.  So I decided to follow suit and have created birthplace charts for both myself and my husband.

I went to seven generations (including myself and my husband).  It was really interesting to me to look at the data in this way because it really confirmed for me some key things…

  1. My family has been in the United States for many generations, pretty consistently across the various branches of the family.
  2. My husband’s family has much more recent immigrant roots on his mother’s side of the family.
  3. I have more research to do to find the roots of my mother’s family.
  4. I have more research to do on my husband’s father’s side of the family – there are a lot of missing information about that branch of the family.
  5. My father’s family is pretty much Irish and German immigrants to the New York area (mostly Brooklyn).  Very strong roots in that region.
  6. My mother’s family is primarily from Georgia and Mississippi, with a little migration from Virginia and South Carolina.
  7. My husband’s mother’s family were all Polish immigrants (even though the birthplaces are variously Poland, Prussia and Germany).  I find it an intriguing example of how much the history of Poland has been dictated by the political history of Europe as a whole.
  8. My husband’s father’s family moved around a lot and their roots are largely unknown… They were primarily in the midwest (Missouri/Oklahoma), but it looks like if we go back a little farther, there may be more roots in the area of Illinois/Ohio/Pennsylvania.  They were definitely the more migratory of all the branches of our families.

My chart:

My Birthplace Pedigree Chart

My Birthplace Pedigree Chart


My husband’s chart:

His Birthplace Pedigree

His Birthplace Pedigree

Ancestral Homeland – Winschoten, Groningen, Netherlands

The Noteboom family moved to Winschoten, Groningen, Netherlands from Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany in 1843.1

Winschoten is located in the northeast of the Netherlands, near the River Eems and the border with Germany.

Winschoten, Netherlands

Winschoten, Netherlands, Map Data ©2016 Google

It became a city in 1825, being granted its city rights.  The town was once populated with 13 mills, earning it the nickname “Molenstad” or “Milltown”.  Three of those mills still remain today:

  • Molen Berg, built in 1854.  Originally designed to grind corn.
  • Dijkstra Molen, built in 1862.
  • Molen Edens, built in 1763.  It is the oldest mill in Groningen.

Molen Edens

Molens Edens. Michel Dellebeke [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Dutch Reformed church, which is the one my family most likely attended, is located on the Marketplein.

Dutch Reform Church, Marktplein

Dutch Reform Church, Marktplein, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed [CC BY-SA 3.0 nl (], via Wikimedia Commons

Residents of Winschoten have a funny nickname – they are often called “tellerlikker”, which means one who licks their plate clean.  They have a reputation for eating their meals with great gusto.2


Tellerlikkers, By Gerardus (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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Death Registration for Wolter Noteboom

I’ve now located the death registration for my 4th great-grandfather Wolter Noteboom in Winschoten, Netherlands on

Wolter Noteboom Death Register

Wolter Noteboom Death Registration
from the Groningen Archives, via

I had some trouble with the handwriting on this one… so there are some blanks where I’m not sure what it’s suppose to say. But here’s my best effort.

In het jaar duizend achthonderd twee en vijftig, den negentienden der maand November, zijn voor ons ondergeteekende Burgemeester, ambtenaar van den Burgerlijken Stand der gemeente Winschoten, Arrondissement Winschoten, Provincie Groningen, verschenen Jan Ettjes Huttinga, oud zestig jaren, van beroep illegible1[?] Omroeper, wonende te Winschoten, geen bloed of aanverwant van den overledene, en Hyachintus Hendriks Breurkens, oud eenenzestig jaren, van beroep Schoenmaker, wonende te Winschoten, geen bloed of aanverwant van den overledene, welke ons hebben verklaard, dat op den negentienden der maand November, des jaars duizend achthonderd tweenvijftig, des morgens te zeven uur, binnen deze gemeente, en wel te Winschoten [?],illegible2 is overleden Wolter Noteboom oud zevenenveertig jaren, van beroep Stoffenverwer, laatst gewoond hebbende te Winschoten, geboren te Emden in Oostoriesland ??? Hanover,getrouwd ??? van Henderina Harms de Weerdt, zoon van ??? Lamoraal Noteboom, en van ??? Anna Cool, in ???, en woonachtig ??? overleden te Emden; ???.
illegible3Van welk aangifte en verklaring deze akte dadelijk is opgemaakt en ingeschreven op de beide dubbelen van het overlijdens-register dezer gemeente; en is deze akte, nadat dezelve aan de aangevers was voorgelezen, door hen, nevens ons Ambtenaar van den Burgerlijken Stand, geteekend
JE Huttinga
HH Breurkens
Illegible signature

In the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, the nineteenth of the month of November, for us undersigned Mayor, an official of the Civil State of the municipality Winschoten, District Winschoten, Province of Groningen, published Jan Ettjes Huttinga, aged sixty years, occupation [?] Announcer, residing in Winschoten, no blood or marriage of the deceased, and Hyachintus Hendriks Breurkens, aged sixty-one years, occupation Shoemaker, residing in Winschoten, no blood or marriage of the deceased, which have stated that, on the nineteenth of the month of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, the morning at the seventh hour, within this church, and it Winschoten [?] is deceased Wolter Noteboom old forty-seven years of professional Fabric Maker, having recently lived in Winschoten, born in Emden in eastern Orientale Country [?] Hanover, married [?] of Henderina Harms de Weerdt, son of [?] Lamoraal Noteboom and [?] Anna Cool, in [?], and living [?] deceased Emden; [?].

Which declaration and statement this deed is readily made and inscribed on both doubles the mortality registry of this town; and this deed after them was read to the principals, through them, besides our Officer of the Civil Status, signed

JE Huttinga

HH Breurkens

illegible signature