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Senate Tribute to Pop

On May 24, 2018, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York paid tribute to my grandfather, Larry Reilly, on the floor of the Senate.  Video clip of the comments below:

Lawrence John Reilly Sr. – One of the Greatest Men of the Greatest Generation, May He Forever Rest In Peace


On Wednesday, May 23rd, the world lost an amazing man.  Just short of his 94th birthday in June, Lawrence John Reilly, Sr. passed away at 3:30 Eastern, due to complications with pneumonia.

Since Wednesday, I’ve been struggling with finding the words to express my deep sorrow and to explain to the world who this man was.  Because the world should know.  His death should not be noticed by only his family and friends.  There was so much honor, goodness, love, and forgiveness in him.  How do I describe his boundless life and do it true justice?

I am the second of this five granddaughters, sixth out of the twelve grandchildren.  He was the patriarch of a beautiful family, of which he lived to see the latest addition to the next generation born about a week before his death.  She is his 21st great-grandchild.

Fortunately, my strong desire that the world knows about his passing from this life has been met.  The Associated Press wrote an article that has been picked up by agencies around the world.  The U.S. Senate heard a tribute to his passing, in marking the beginning of this Memorial Day Weekend.  Friend and author Louise Esola penned one of the loveliest eulogies I could have ever imagined.

My grandfather’s obituary

The tributes to my grandfather following his death:

Fair winds and following seas, Pop.  Forever loved and always missed.

KTVU aired a segment tonight about my family and the USS Frank E Evans

Hour Glass Chart for Louis and Louise Schillinger

I created a family hourglass chart to illustrate how the Schillinger generations go. I’ve also created a family group record as a .pdf file that has more information than last night’s post. To explain:

  • An hourglass chart shows both the ancestors and descendants of the couple at the center of the hourglass.  In this case, I’m showing all the information about the known ancestors, but I have limited the descendants to 2 generations and blanked out the information on the one living person (my Pop) for privacy reasons.
  • A family group record is all the information about one family laid out in a very organized fashion and is a standard form in genealogical research.  In this case, I’m only including the FGR for Louis F. Schillinger and his wife, which will include their children, but not their ancestors or their descendants beyond their children.  I’ve only included notes from Louis and his wife.
Pedigree Chart Louis F Schillinger

Pedigree Chart Louis F Schillinger

Louis F Schillinger Family Group Record

Louis F Schillinger Family Group Record

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