Letters from Larry – 9 November 1942

9 November 1942 – Newport, Rhode Island

Dearest Marion,

Well sweetheart how are you?  I hope your feeling well.  I’ve been thinking of you constantly.  And I do miss you & need you.  You really were a comfort when I was feeling lousey and I feel that whenever I think of home & you. I wish I could end this rotten war.  All the fellows feel that way too.  I’m at a loss for words right now because I’ve been thinking about you so much I want to be near year.  Honest honey I love you, I really do.  Just wait till I get home.  Well have a good time.

We had chicken for Sunday’s dinner and was that good.  I’m getting use to the food now and its not bad at all.  I gained four pounds already.  I’ll be a horse soon.  How’s everyone home?  Well I just have 9 minutes before taps to write the envelope and drop it in the mail-box.  I was busy tonight washing clothes & stuff.  Well goodnight sweetheart.  I’ll write a nice long Wed. night.  Good again honey.

I love you always




P. S. I love you. L.

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