Letters from Larry – 11 November 1942

11 November 1942 – Newport, Rhode Island

Dearest Marion,

How are you sugar? I think that poem was swell.  I hope you picked out a good picture of me.  (If you could find one.)  You better not stay home from school too much or they will throw you out.  Honey, everyone of those 2190 days I’ll be thinking of you. I really mean that dear.  I’m sorry I can’t right more honey but I have to study at night, wash clothes and do a lot of other things including Sentry Duty.

Sweets I don’t want you to feel lonely, feel happy and you’ll feel better.  You don’t have to worry about me going out with other women because I won’t.  I’ll be home Dec. 3, but I’ll only have one 6 hr. & one 12 hr. leave before then and we can’t go further than the town of Newport.  When I come home it will be for 7 days.

I go to bed at 9:30 every night.  Thats when taps blow.  So I’ll send a kiss to you everynight at that time.

So you finally changed your hair.  I’ll bet it looks nice.  I dreamed about you 3 nights in a row.  They were real nice dreams.  The first night I kept dreaming of you kissing me goodbye & vice-versa.  I won’t be able to send you a picture because we are not allowed to have cameras up here. You wouldn’t like the uniform anyhow its work clothes & leggings.  You had better still like me or I’ll be mad at you.

Honey please don’t worry about me being mad about you telling me to join up.  You didn’t influence me in signing up.  I really wanted to.  Please send that picture soon.  Try to get a pretty small one because a big one would get ruined in my sea-bag.  Well goodnight honey.

Lots of Love,


[A message in shorthand]

P.S. They taught me shorthand in 2 days.  L.R.

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