Letters from Larry – 13 November 1942

13 November 1942 – Newport, Rhode Island

Dearest Marion,

Aren’t you ready?  I come early and your not ready.  (Sounds familiar eh!)  Well honey I’m really busy now.  I have to study about six different things now.  I got a needle yesterday for typhoid fever and was my arm stiff.  Last night I has a fever and then a cold sweat.  A couple of my pals told me this morning that I was talking and mumbling in my sleep and all I kept saying was “Marion”.  I sure do wish you were nearby.  I need you so much.  When I start to study its takes me about a half an hour to get started.  I keep thinking of you.

All the fellows were jealous of the letter you sent me.  They all got small ones from their girls & wives.  I was really happy after I read your letter, it was swell.  Jimmy is here as your probably know already.  But he is on the mainland and I’m on the island part of camp.  How are your mother & father & Ethel & Tippie.  Tell Ethel I received her welcomed letter and I will write to her over the weekend.  How are your Aunt Ethel and Uncle Lee.  We were playing a game the other day during our physical education period called speed ball.  Its a combination of football, soccer & rugby.  Well it so happened that I ended up on the bottom of a pile-up and it took 3 guys to carry me off the field.  I was knocked out for about 5 minutes.

You should see me scrubbing clothes.  I take me dungeree jumper, and my jersey off.  My under-shirt, shoes & socks and roll up my pants to the knees.  Do I look cute.  Today we had “Field Day”.  In the Navy that means cleaning the dormitories.  We have to sweep & swab the decks (floors), wash the bulkheads (walls), dust the overhead (ceiling) and put our gear (clothes, etc.) in order.  I’ll make a good wife for you.  I don’t know wether I told you in my last letter that I’d be home Dec. 3. in case I didn’t thats when I’ll see you.  I don’t know as yet what time I’ll get in but as soon as I do I’ll let you know.  Well honey I have a lot of studying to do, wash and shave.  We have Captain’s Inspection tomorrow.

Good-bye honey

I’ll always love you

Your man Larry

[with arrow pointing to “man”] Courtesy of the U.S.N.

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