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Louis Schillinger Marries Louisa Bauer

Louis and Louisa Schillinger

Louis and Louisa Schillinger

Louis Schillinger and Louisa Bauer were married on 21 September 1885 in East New York. I recently acquired their marriage record from the New York Municipal Archives, and it contains vital clues to further research on the Bauer family. Previously, all I had confirmed was that Louisa Bauer’s mother was also named Louisa, as she shows up in census records as a widow living with her daughter and son-in-law. I did not know the father’s name or the mother’s maiden name. Now I do, thanks to this valuable vital record.

According to the Marriage Record of Town of New Lots, East New York:

  • Louis Schillinger married Louisa Bauer on 21 September 1885.
  • Both were residents of East New York at the time of their marriage.
  • Louis was 22 years old and Louisa was 20 years old (which would make their birth years approximately 1863 and 1865, respectively).
  • Louis was working as an architect.
  • It was the first marriage for both of them.
  • Louis’ parents were listed as Xavier Schillinger and Catherine Autetter. [These names were already known to me, but they are alternate spellings for his first name and her last name.]
  • Here’s the really exciting news! Louisa’s parents are listed as Anton Bauer and Louisa Hoefler.
  • The attestator [witness] was A. Nieman of East New York.
Louis Schillinger-Louisa Bauer Marriage Record

Louis Schillinger-Louisa Bauer Marriage Record