Letters from Larry – 3 December 1941

3 December 1941 – Queens, New York

Dearest Marion,

Last night you probably thought I was silly for acting the way I did.  For some reason or another I felt as if I had lost you.  I love you more than anything else in the world.  Your like my right arm, if someone was to cut it off I’d be finished.  Last night made me realize more fully how much you mean to me.  That’s the God’s honest truth, take it or leave it.

You know Marion your the one that has kept me going.  I am trying to achieve a goal, all for you.  Maybe I’m trying to hard you make me understand that I’ve been neglecting you.  I am really sorry honey.  I don’t deserve a girl like you, your too good for me.  We have been going together for over seven months and you’ve gotten some raw deals am very lucky to still have you.  I’ll have to close now it’s getting late.  But don’t forget no matter who you go out with or when you out, I’ll still be here waiting for you when you come back. So long honey. I’m thinking of you, always.

With love, sincere love

I remain yours,


P.S. I’ll see you tonight.  Please keep this letter between you and I.

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