Letters from Larry – 26 October 1941

26 October 1941 – Queens, New York

My Dearest,

Tonight for one fleeting moment I thought I had lost you.  My hopes crashed to the ground, my castles of happiness were a mass of ruins.  This happened when you thought I was fresh.  I really couldn’t blame you for feeling hurt and angry.  I really didn’t mean it was an accident.  I didn’t realize for the moment what had happened.  Please forgive me.  I honestly didn’t mean it.  Please forget it.  It will never happen again.  I love you more than anything else in the whole wide world.  I don’t want anything to part us.

When you asked me if I liked you more than any other girl I ever went with I told you the truth. I do.  I am very lucky to have a girl like you.  When I used to leave those girls at night I never missed them. It seemed like a common everyday thing. It was like school, once I left I forgot about them.  But with you it’s different.  I work all day with you on my mind, I go to sleep and wake up with you on mind.  Your like a part of me.  If you even left me I’d go crazy.  I love you angel, with all my heart.  Don’t ever leave me honey, please, unless you absolutely feel you don’t like me the least bit anymore. Whenever troubled times come I think of you and all the fun we’ve had together.  You are consolations to weary body and troubled mind.  Without you I’d be a total loss.  Believe me dearest I really and truly mean this. Well honey you know how I feel.  I’d give anything I possibly could to hold you forever mine.

With lots of love,


P.S. If you want to make me happy and being that I won’t see you till Tuesday night.  I would love it if you would write me a letter and explain how you feel.  Please do.  I’ll be looking forward to it all day.  You can give it to my sister or put it in the mailbox or give it to Jim to bring up my house.  Please, please write.

Love again and always,


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