Letters from Larry – 10 July 1941

10 July 1941 – Queens, New York

Dearest Marion,

I hope you received my letter. Did you notice your sister’s handwriting on the envelope? well when I wrote the letter I didn’t have your note so I didn’t know your address so your sister obliged me by addressing it.

Well dear how is it out there now without the rain.  I miss you an awful lot.  I hope you miss me.  Last night as I laid in bed the full moon lit up the porch (my bedroom) very brightly.  And I started to think of you and wishing that we could enjoy the moon, together.  I love you darling and since you’ve been away I miss our walks, talks and your kisses.  I can’t wait until you come home from the country.  Even if no one is out there and your lonely enjoy yourself.  You will have to excuse my crummy writing and English, but you know me, brainy that’s all.  Tell Dotty I was asking for her.  Well, so long honey that’s all for awhile.

Love & Kisses


P.S. I wrote this during my lunch hour at work. LR




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