Letters from Larry – 8 July 1941

8 July 1941 – Queens, New York

Dearest Marion,

I was very unhappy when I found out you hadn’t come home.  As yet I haven’t your note, as Ethel can’t find it.  But she told me what it said.  I’m sorry the note I left for you wasn’t what I wanted it to be, but I wasn’t in the mood.

George is going out to visit Terry a week from Sunday.  He’s going by train.  Jimmy got a new car, a forty-one Chevie.  Artie Molter got a thirty-seven Plymouth.

Outside of work, heat and rain there isn’t much doing. Ethel tells me you are lonely out there, but I don’t see why you should be with Frankenstein and Dracula; I mean Phil and Bert.  Bill Rodgers, Red and myself played at the Elks Club in Rockaway Point last Thursday.  What a hectic night, without George.

Well dear, I really missed you and I still do since you’ve been away.  If you think of me half as much as I think o fyou, you must be thinking of me pretty often.  By the way do you want to go to Indian Point on the boat ride Aug. 3? My place is having an outing and the fellows can bring the wives, girlfriends or kinds. If we want to go we will have a swell time.

How is Dotty and your Aunt and Uncle?  I hope they are well. I was talking to your father tonight and he said Lucky has fleas from teh two days he stayed with over teh weeknd. How did you like that weather.  We enjoyed it very much, so much in fact that we played four games of poker, two games of craps (dice), and lounged around for about six hours a day.

Do you remember what I told you about going to Connecticut?  Well, just in case I get expelled from school between Sept and Dec I won’t be old enough to take the job in Conn. so I’ll join the CCC for six months.  How do you like that.  Well honey with fond thoughts of you, our picnic, and stolls through “Cherry Lane” I think I’ll close. It’s about eleven o’clock and I should be in bed.

Sincere Love and Kisses,





P.S. I think of you always darling because I love you.





e  rol

n   ny

c   d


P.P.S. Do I Worry?  I’ll See You Again.  Some of These Days.  LR

[At the very bottom of the page in small letters:]

I’m nuts, but don’t remind me.


Notes: George Fredericks and Jimmy Palumbo were two of Pop’s oldest and dearest friends.  Phil and Bert are unknowns.  Bill Rodgers and Red were bandmates.

CCC was the Civilian Conservation Corps, a public work relief program during the Great Depression.

P.S. was signed with his initials and his names spelled out vertically beneath them.




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