James Jackson Johns and Ellen Moore Parentage Research Report

I’ve been working on trying to answer the question about who are the parents of James Jackson Johns and Ellen Moore. I didn’t have a name for the parents of Ellen Moore, who is my third great grandmother, and reportedly one of the ancestors with Native American ancestry. James Jackson Johns, my third great grandfather, is often listed as the youngest son of Bartlett C. Johns, but I didn’t have anything to substantively prove that fact. So I set out to see what I could find in order to definitively prove who were their parents.

My research document is attached here, along with images of the records I used in this research.

James Jackson Johns – Ellen Moore Parentage Research Report

Pedigree Charts

Family Group Records

James Jackson Johns Confederate Service Records

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James Jackson Johns 1907 Pension Record Application

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Death and Burial Records

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Useful Maps of Georgia and Alabama

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Census Records Related to the Family

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  1. James Jackson Johns is my great great grandfather. I have three original photos of him. The earliest is of he and his wife taken when he was probably 35. The second is in a family reunion with probably 30 family members. The last is he and his son, my great uncle Walt Johns, at an advanced age. I am currently restoring the home James built, and have the homemade walking cane he holds in the reunion photo, and the last pouch of tobacco that he used, and a strand of yellow root he dug and hung to dry before he passed away. I have several stories to share that my grandma passed down. His wife was a Coweta Creek Native. Very colorful man, with a loving demeanor, and a fierce temper when crossed. Please contact me.

    1. Hey Doug. James Jackson is my Great Great Grandfather also. Is there any possibility of getting a copy of the pictures of him and the family. Also can you tell me where his home was? I would love to have a picture of his walking cane as I make walking canes & hiking staffs myself. I have my Great grandfather Wright’s walking cane and my great great grandfather Garner’s cane that I have restored. I have my family tree on Ancestry.com and would love to add more information on the John’s to my tree. Thanks for your time. Danny Wright

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