Meet the Schillingers

Franz Xaver Schillinger

Franz Xaver Schillinger

I’ve decided to spend some time researching my paternal grandmother’s side of the family, the Schillingers.

The first Schillinger ancester who came to the United States was Franz Xaver Schillinger.  At times, his name has been recorded with the following variations:

  • Franz Xavier
  • Xaver
  • Shilling

He married Maria Catarina Autretter on 10 Feb 1863 in Brooklyn, New York.  Notes indicate they were married by Pastor F.A. Zapp, church unknown. Apparently, according to family legend, this was Franz’s first marriage and Maria’s second marriage.

She came to the marriage with one child,

Maria Katarina Autretter

Maria Katarina Autretter

her oldest daughter Amelia.  At times, Maria’s name has been recorded as:

  • Katherine Autretter
  • Catherine
  • Kate
  • Katherine Mollig

Franz Xaver Schillinger was born 10 Aug 1836, in either Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany or Urlaffen, Germany.  Maria Catarina Autretter was born Mar 1836, in Bavaria, Germany.

Franz Xaver Schillinger’s parents are known to be:

  • Father: Franz Xaver Schillinger
  • Mother: Franziska Stockel

Maria Catarina Autretter’s parents names are unknown.


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