U.S. Navy

Letters from Larry – 7 November 1942

7 November 1942 – Newport, Rhode Island

This is a brown postcard that was mailed for free on behalf of Larry by the U.S. Navy. On the back of the card is a form that could be filled in.

The form stated:

U.S. Naval Training Station

Newport, Rhode Island

Dear Friend:
I have arrived at the U.S. Naval Training Station, Newport, R.I., today, and my address is:

Company _________,

U.S. Naval Training Station,

Newport, Rhode Island.


(Name) (Rate)

Handwritten on the face of the postcard:

“Friend” was scratched out and replaced with Marion

By the name, “I’ll write soon” was written.

In the company blank, “250” was written.

The card was signed “Lawrence J. Reilly” with a rate of “A.S.”


Note: This is the first communication with Nan after Pop joined the U.S. Navy during World War II.  He was sent to the Naval Training Station in Newport, Rhode Island to train to be a Torpedoman on a submarine.  He ended up not making the subs, and eventually became a gunner on the U.S.S. Oakland.

Torpedoman’s Mate School, US Navy, WWII, Dec 1942-Apr 1943


Naval Training Station, Newport, Rhode Island
Torpedoman’s Mate School
17 Dec 1942 – 17 Apr 1943
Co. 1210-6

L to R, Front Row

  1. Harlen Ross
  2. Edward Whalen
  3. Eddie Seay
  4. S.P. Blond T.M. [?] [?]
  5. B.G. Woodward – Co. Comm. [Company Commander]
  6. Edward Sykes
  7. James E. Rustin
  8. David F. Robbins

L to R, Middle Row

  1. Bernard W. Holderer
  2. Eugeniny [?] F. Sladewaki
  3. John C. Siaberg
  4. Robert J. Strooser
  5. Charles E. Young
  6. Harold Spellman
  7. Larry Reilly
  8. Tony Vetrone
  9. Red Walker
  10. Walter H. Vanaman [?]

L to R, Top Row

  1. Victor J. Ricco
  2. Henry Cyril Zack
  3. Frank J. Meister
  4. Charles Pierinzer
  5. Milton J. Zanbowsky
  6. Cheodore C. Rembowski
  7. James C. Roberts (Rebel)
  8. Richard C. Steele
  9. Joseph J. Pacheco