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Xaver Schillinger’s Last Will and Testament, Along with the Probate Records

In researching Xaver Schillinger, I came across the probate records filed after his death, along with his Last Will and Testament, on the FamilySearch website.

The file is 12 pages long, with the will comprising the last two pages of the document.  I’m including images of the file here, along with the transcript below.

Some interesting information about the file:

  • Xaver Schillinger died on 6 October 1923 in Kings County, New York.
  • The petition was filed by his son Louis Schillinger in October, and probate was finalized in December 1923.
  • At the time of his death, Xaver Schillinger owned no real property, and had no more than $3200 in personal property.
    • For those who are not familiar with the difference between real and personal property: Real property refers to real estate holdings (buildings, land, farms, etc.).  Personal property refers to belongings (cash, jewelry, electronics, etc.).
  • The value of his personal property was to be distributed equally amongst his four children, or if a child was deceased, their portion would be distributed to their child(ren).
  • His daughters are married at the time of his Last Will & Testament, and their married names are given as Mary Altenburg and Catharine Fausner.  On page 5 of the file, Catherine is misidentified as Frances Fausner.
  • His daughter Mary and his son Charles live in the same house at 234 Jerome Street.
  • His son Louis lives at 169 Van Siclen Avenue, and his daughter Catherine lives at 148 Logan Street.
Schillinger Siblings Homes in Brooklyn

Schillinger Siblings Homes in Brooklyn