Letters from Larry – 14 August 1942

August 14, 1942 6:25 a.m. – Queens, New York

Dearest Marion,

Well honey I’m trying to write something to you. Still feel bad about last night.  Please don’t.  I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.  Gee, I love you so much that I feel like staying home from work today and coming around to see you.  I served 4 to 6 in the Air Raid Wardens and I was awake about a half-hour thinking about you.  That was at 4 o’clock and the same thing at 11:30 last night.  Some day hon I won’t have to send you notes.  I’ll be able to wake you up at 6 [in] the morning to tell you I love you.  Won’t that be nice?  (Or will it?)  I’ll be thinking about you all day today and you’ll be in school.  (Darn it).  I’ve been writing 15 minutes now and didn’t say very much and now its time to leave.  Well so long honey.

Love & kisses


P.S. If you want to you can write a note to me and leave it with my grandfather this afternoon.  L.R.

(Finished 6:41 a.m.)


Note: there are 8 red lipstick blot marks on the backside of the letter.

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