Letters from Larry – 4 August 1942

4 August 1942 – Queens, New York

Dearest Marion,

Well here’s your letter.  I miss you already.  When your train pulled out yesterday I had a funny feeling it seemed as if you were going away for good.  I’m very glad it is not for good because I’m going to miss you a whole lot.

I love you so much it’s going to be hard not seeing you.  I had a nice dream last night.  It was about you and me.  You’ll never guess what we were doing (am I kidding?).

You’ve only been gone 19 hours and I feel lousey.  I hope this week goes fast.  I have to neck with someone and that someone is you.

Honey, don’t be disappointed because this letter isn’t long because I really don’t know what to say except I love you more than anything in the world and I want you more than anything in the world.

Well how’s the country? Did you arrive safe?  I hope so.  Well I think I’ll have to close because there is really nothing much to tell you.  So long honey.

xxx Lots of Love,


P.S. Miss me?  I hope so because I miss you a whole lot.  Jr. misses you too.  L.R.

P.P.S. Tell Terry I was asking for her and her family.  Tell her it’s been pretty peaceful around here since she went away.  (If she gets mad tell her I’m only kidding.)

Love again,


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