Letters from Larry – Undated from 1942

Undated – presumed to be sometime in 1942, after Pop went to training for the U.S. Navy, as he talks about being away and being in class.  The exact location of the letter is also unknown but presumed to be in Newport, Rhode Island.

Dearest Marion,

I received your letters of the 28th and 29th.  The first letter was swell but the second letter almost knocked me flat.  I can’t seemed to get it straight but whatever happened is some mix-up somewhere.  My mother wrote a letter the same time as you did but she didn’t say anything about it.  That’s one thing I don’t like.  My parents never did anything to make bad friends between me and anyone else.  I love you honey and no matter what anyone says or does they’ll never change that. I’m going to wait for one more letter from home and if they don’t say anything about it I’m going to write and find out all about.  Don’t let it bother you honey.  I’ll get this straightened out.  I despised Mr. Fredericks for interfering with George and Terry and I’ll make sure that my folks won’t do the same thing.  I’m in class now and if I get caught writing I’ll get the devil.  I’ll write again tomorrow. Don’t forget honey whatever happens I’m yours for the asking.

I’ll always love you,


This letter hints as some possible conflict between Pop’s parents and Nan.  If the presumption about timing is correct, they were already talking seriously about getting married, but Nan still would have only been about 16 years old, and I can understand that this may have caused concern for Pop’s parents.  Based on the comment regarding the Fredericks, I can imagine that this might be close to what this letter is about.  But without Nan’s letters, it’s hard to know this for sure.

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