Letters from Larry – 6 September 1941

6 September 1941 – Queens, New York

Dear Marion,

Just found out that Jimmy is going to see Connie & Phil and Phil’s mother in the Bronx.  So being that I was invited I didn’t think you’d mind me going.  Last night I told you we might go to the beach, well the only way I could go would be by Jimmy’s car, because I’m flat busted.  I’ll see you tonight at 8:00.

Marion dear, I want you to know that I won’t forget last night for a long time.  Well so long, I’ll see you tonight.

Love Larry


P.S. Keep your fingers crossed for George. LR


P.P.S. Please excuse the paper. It’s all I had handy. I wish you were going with us.  You would really enjoy the ride.  More love from the same.





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