Letters from Larry – 1 January 1946

1 January 1946 – San Francisco, California

My Darling,

Here it is New Years night aboard and its as quiet as a church.

About five minutes ago the word was passed that we’re shoving off for Washington tomorrow morning so I guess I don’t get any liberty in Frisco.

Was trying to find out if there is any dope on who is staying aboard in Reserve Commission but there isn’t any dope as yet.

Gee I wish I could be with you for our anniversary but it don’t look as though I can.  Although time seemed to go slow when we were at sea it hardly seems like we’ve been married a year. It sure will be swell to be toether for more than a month or two.  By the time I see you and Jimmy again I’ll bet Jimmy will be pretty big.  You know the more I think of it the more I feel we should have been married while I was in Newport [late 1942 to 1943].  Don’t you?  I wonder if we would have had Jimmy right away like we did. I still wish we didn’t have to use those damn rubbers.  It a lot nicer without them but we can’t have anymore children till 48 or early 49.

J.J. and Cimarolli, Pete Smith and Pete Pruchnik and all the boys were asking how you were and also send their best wishes.  Well what di dyou do last night honey?  Were you home all alone or did you and J.T. go uot New Years calling?

Before I forget it your money order was here when I got back.  I’ll keep hit and send you may pay this Saturday.  Well baby I think I’ll close now.  Give my love to J.T. and the folks.  I love you and miss you sweetheart.

Your loving hubby,



P.S. Enclosed find some post-cards for your scrap-book.




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