Isaiah Golden and Mary Code – 1860 US Federal Census

In the 1860 US Census, Isaiah and Mary were living in Williamsburgh, New York.  Isaiah’s worked as a cooper and his personal estate was valued at $200.[1]  In the house, there were two children.  Emma was the older daughter, age 13, and had attended school.  The younger of the children was the son Isaiah, age 9, who had also attended school.[2]   Given the age difference between Emma and Mary, it’s highly unlikely that Mary was Emma’s mother, as that Mary would have given birth to Emma at age 11.  So it is presumed that based on this record, Isaiah had a first wife, whose identity remains unknown at this time, and that both Emma and Isaiah are children of that first wife.

Isaiah Golden 1860 Census


1860 US Federal Census: New York, Kings, Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, 1st District, 14th Ward, 10 July 1860, Dwelling No. 489, Family No. 1152:

GOLDEN, ISAAH [ISAIAH], Age 33, Male, Cooper, Personal Estate Value: $200, Born New York;

GOLDEN, MARY A., Age 24, Female, Born New York;

GOLDEN, EMMA, Age 13, Female, Born New York;

GOLDEN, ISAAH [ISAIAH], Age 9, Male, Born New York.

[1] $200 in 1860 is the equivalent of $82,700 in income value in 2017.

[2] 1860 US Federal Census: New York, Kings, Williamsburgh, Roll M653_773, Page: 129, Image 129, ( Operations, Inc. 2009.

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