The $75 Poodle Takes the Night Off

On 25 July 1893, the New York World published an article entitled “Where was the $75 poodle?”

The article is about a burglary that week at the saloon of Walter Noteboom, my 3rd great-grandfather.  The article states:

Burglars Robbed His Master in Park Row and He Did Not Object

When Walter Noteboom, who keeps a saloon at No. 143 Park Row, returned from Germany about four months agao he brought a poodle dog for which he had paid $75.  The poodle in Germany had enjoyed the reputation of being an excellent watch-dog.  Since his arrival in this country the poodle has slept at night in Mr. Noteboom’s saloon.

Somehow or other the poodle must have had a night off on Sunday, because burglars entered Mr. Noteboom’s place before midnight, or early Monday morning, and stole $5 in cash, seventeen boxes of cigars, some clothing and several bottle of brandy.  The burglars passed through the hallway of No. 265 William street and scaled a seven-feet fence.  Then they forced the door of the kitchen at No. 143 Park Row and cut a panel through the door leading into the barroom.

Now, one has to wonder how a burglary and a poodle made the news in 1893… At that time, Park Row was also known as Newspaper Row.  The New York World Building was located at 53-63 Park Row, just down the street from Walter Noteboom’s bar.  Maybe the editor or journalist who wrote this piece (there is no byline) was a regular patron of the bar.  Much of this area has been razed, with the New York World Building being demolished in 1955 to make way for a car onramp for the Brooklyn Bridge.  What is left of Park Row is closed to car traffic today, due to its proximity to One Police Plaza and New York’s City Hall.

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