Book of Me: Who inspires you?

Who inspires you?

I have to admit, I’m struggling with this one a little bit.  I’ve never been one to idolize others.  I don’t have favorite actors, athletes, etc. I’ve have admiration for people who have been a part of my life at various times – teachers, colleagues, bosses, etc.  But I’m not sure I would say anyone continues to inspire me.  Is that strange? Maybe…

I would say more that I’m inspired by my goals and the work that I do – not by people.

I am inspired by mine and my husband’s long-term goals for our life together. We have very specific plans about what we want to have happen over the next 5, 10, 15 years.  We work together to gain the things we need (money, time, experience, access, contacts, etc.) to be able to reach those goals.  Our combined dedication to our future is the thing that probably most inspires me in my daily actions and the choices I make each day.

Inspiration for my work comes from the work itself.  I look for opportunities to find passion about the work that I do, whether it’s my professional work or my personal hobbies.  I cannot do work that I don’t find some reason to care about – it just is not in my nature to be disaffected about my work.  If I cannot find inspiration in the work itself, I will do what I need to do to get it done, but it will be only what is needed, not anything more.

I don’t know if this makes sense to others – but I cannot really find inspiration in others.  Humans are to fallible.  I find inspiration in relationships, causes, goals and shared experiences.

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