My 3rd Great Grandfather Walter Noteboom

Walter Noteboom, c. 1905, probably in Brooklyn, NY

Walter Noteboom, c. 1905, probably in Brooklyn, NY

I don’t know much about my ggg-grandfather Walter Noteboom.  He was born in Holland in 1845.  At some point he immigrated to the United States and married my ggg-grandmother Kate Dulk.  I know much more about her – in later years, she and her twin brother survived the Morro Castle disaster.

However, my father came home from a visit with my grandfather with a big box of family photos and documents.  Hidden away in the box was this photo of Walter Noteboom.  It was taken in 1905 – I presume in Brooklyn based on where the family was living at the time.



  1. Hi:
    Pse see my other comment to another Noteboom post.
    I see now the surname Noteboom is definitely Dutch. I looked in the database I mentioned before to see whether there was a Walter Noteboom there but there wasn’t. May be he had more than one first name?

    1. I don’t really know much about him, other than he was born in November 1845 in Holland. I recenetly received a letter from a distant cousin with little more information that I haven’t yet verified. She pointed me to a Netherlands resource that I have been unable to use because it is in Dutch. She said Walter can be found on by searching his name and birth year. She reported that is show all three of his wives (Beta Nullmeyer, Christiana Nullmeyer, and Katie Dulk). His children all apparently are with Christiana. I would be happy to have you share my Noteboom surname on your blog. Thanks for your tips – I’m going to spend some time exploring your blog.

    2. Peter – I decided to try one more time and found they have an English translation! I did find him, and his first name is listed as Wolter.

      1. Larisa – Thanks for your permission to add your blog to mine, it has been done. If there is anything you want me to change or add just let me know.
        I also added the surnames Dulk and Nullmeyer. Dulk is definitely Dutch and Nullmeyer (Nulmeijer) might very well be as well. There are some hits in a large datebase* here.
        It may be interesting to know that there is another US blog with a Noteboom related surname. Please have a look in my blog under ‘Haley Family from Jasper County, Iowa’. It is written by the well known Caroline Pointer (@FamilyStories).
        Speaking of Twitter, I am your first follower
        I noticed that there is a possibility to contact the owner of the Noteboom tree on This is the url: Don’t know whether this lady, her name is Johanna Lodewijks, is still active as the last update of that tree was in 2008.
        Good luck – Peter
        * Pse see

      2. Hello Peter! I did reach out to the woman who owns the tree and I’ve already heard back from her. We’re going to exchange some information. Thanks so much for your help – this was a brickwall that has suddenly opened right up!

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