Tough Ass B*tches

Touch Ass B*tchesI had lunch with my cousin yesterday, and we were talking about family.  I was telling her the story of Kate Dulk, who survived the Morro Castle disaster.  She made a comment that made me laugh:  “We’ve come from a line of tough ass b*tches.”

It’s true – I have the honor, on both sides of my family, of descending from women who display incredible strength and fortitude.  (Apropos, my maiden name, Reilly, the family motto on the crest is fortitudine et prudentia, which means “strength and wisdom”.)  They have faced incredible misfortunes, suffered devastating losses, fought terrible diseases.  But they survived and they continued to live on in the face of those challenges.  They raised children and grandchildren.  They instilled important values in their families and contributed to the world around them.  They did not complain, they did not second guess themselves, and they did not make excuses. With complete reverence and respect, they were tough ass b*itches.

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