Education and Other Coursework


Monterey Peninsula College
Relevant Coursework:

  • Genealogy I & II

Dominican University of California, M.A. in Humanities
Relevant Coursework:

  • 19th Century Paris, City of Light
  • Science, Religion and the Human Future
  • Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World
  • Political Theory and Moral Imagination
  • Biographical Approach to History:
    • La Malinche
    • Cochise & Crazy Horse
    • Ida B. Wells
    • Gandhi

New York University, B.A. in History & Journalism
Relevant Coursework:

  • History
    • World Cultures: Caribbean Diaspora
    • American Military Experience Since 1914
    • The Civil War and Reconstruction
    • Workshop in History: The Spanish Civil War
    • Honors Seminar: Images of the 1930s
    • Modern Europe 1789 to Present
    • The Renaissance
    • The Ottoman Empire in World History
    • The Media in America
    • African Civilization: Perceptions & Realities
    • History of Architecture: Antiquity to Present
    • History of the Media
    • History of American Journalism
  • Writing
    • Writing Workshop I & II
    • Broadcast News Writing

Seminars, Webinars & Independent Study

  • National Genealogical Society
    • American Genealogical Study, The Basics
  • Learn iT! Professional Development
    • Project Management 101 – Project Management Essentials
    • Project Management 102 – Project Planning: Creating the Plan
    • Project Management 103 – Managing, Controlling, and Closing
  • Codecademy
    • HTML & CSS

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